Thoughts for the Future

I have always liked knives and weapons. I don’t know, just something about them catches my interest. Maybe it is because I was raised around them? I remember that my dad always had a traditional pocketknife on him (and still does). He gave me my first knife when I was very young, and I have tried to have one on me ever since.

I remember as a kid always looking through cheap knife magazines and eyeing all the superb quality knives that I could buy for JUST $19.95!!! I admit some of them did look kinda cool. I then started to dive deeper into the world of cutlery. I turned to brands like Cold Steel, SOG, and others. Keep in mind, tomahawks, spears, and swords are cool, especially the historical ones, but my interest was in the pocket knives and fixed blades. The more utilitarian pieces. The ones that you could have on you and use them when you needed to. I never was a big multitool guy. My reason: because my lifestyle never demanded it. My dad is a fan though, but I myself have never needed one.

Fast forward to the early college years. I had my sights set on a SOG zoom. This was only a budget knife, but oh boy did it check all of my boxes. The blade has a cool recurve to it, and the scales were machined, and coated aluminum. This bad boy had a SUPER deep pocket clip, which means that none of the knife stuck out the top of your pocket. Totally had a discrete factor. The feature that sold me was the assisted opening. This means that when you start to deploy the knife blade, you push the thumb stud with your thumb, and spring flings it the rest of the way. This feature is very popular in the knife community because it is like a legal switch blade. A knife designer by the name of Ken Onion created this because he found a loophole in the knife laws regarding the fast, spring deployment of a knife.

After I bought this knife, I thought I was set. I had the coolest knife. But then my addiction was just getting started. Of course, I dove right back into my “research” for the next great buy for my collection. Then one day I found one, the Gerber Flatiron Although this knife was half the price of the SOG (this was $30), it was a folding cleaver!! I had it stock for a while but then I ran across this guy off of Instagram who made custom scales. I had never had brass on my knives, and oh boy did it look good. So for $30 shipped, he put copper scales on my flatiron. I then found a special bead and some leather and made a cool lanyard on it. I still have this one and it still looks cool. The copper patina looks better and better every day.

Of course, I gave in to the temptation to buy another piece of cutlery. By now I am in deep on the Instagram and youtube videos learning everything that I can about the makes and models of different knives. I wanted t know it all. I watched so many knife videos on all channels and followed so many people on Instagram that I created a separate account for my interests: @edc_what_i_mean. This turned not only into a knife hobby but an everyday carry obsession. All the gear that people carry like knives, pens, flashlights, pry bars, multitools., etc. After a while, I got bored with the knives I already owned and bought another one. One of the greatest knives ever invented for everyday carry was the Spyderco Para 3. This quality of the knife was upgraded, as well as the steel. I didn’t like the pocket clip because I was used to how my SOG carried in the pocket, so I had to buy an aftermarket deep carry clip. This setup is a total of $170. I want to say that this was my most recent purchase, but that would be a lie. I am always on the hunt for the next best thing.

I tell you my past in order to tell share my plans for the future. I have an interest and a passion for all things knives and the gear that gets people throughout their day. Although it can be an expensive hobby, I love everything about it and hope to contribute one day. This is my plan for the future: to design and make knives for people to enjoy, use, and collect just as I have. Everything typically begins small, and that’s where I plan to start. For my final in my keyshot rendering class, I put my passion into play. I was able to design 3 unique knives in CAD and digitally rendered them. I hope to use the CNC plasma cutter and actually cut out the metal and hopefully make my design into reality someday!

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