Design Manifesto

These are the things that I aim to work on in order to better myself as a designer. Every designer cannot be the best at everything, in my opinion. The best thing is to pick some things and absolutely dominate those. Be the best in that one thing and leave the other fields alone. Become a master of one, then try another. This is a manifesto that I did my first year of design. Our professor wanted us to do a self-analysis and create a manifesto for ourselves. To set goals for ourselves and bring out our weak areas.

  1. Take CAD Tolerances more Seriously

Since your career is directed towards the market of knives and tools, then step up your game to take CAD softwares more seriously. CAD isn’t your favorite field, but it is a skill set that is required and you’ll just have to deal with it. Pay closer attention to your model and take the time to be as detailed as possible. These extra steps will help you in the later steps of 3-D modeling.

  • Stick to Your Plan

It may seem okay now to come up with an idea then diverge to a different one in the process but break that habit right now! Clients will want what you originally show them. Work more on the ideation process until you find the best possible option, then STICK TO IT!!

  • Study your Peers

This may sound a little creepy but take the time to notice the other designers that surround you. Learn from them. Ask them questions (ESPECIALLY the upperclassmen). Take their comments/ suggestions seriously, then work on successfully applying them. Do not just notice their work and move on, take the time to ask them about their process.

  • Sketch More!!

You have really been slacking on the sketching side, and that is probably your worst area!! This is also where you can apply #3. Ask other designers how they draw, what their own styles are. Observe them. Ask them questions. Watch them. Another challenge that you should be doing is aiming to sketch something every day. This does not have to be a fully rendered sketch daily, but at least something. Remember ABS, Always Be Sketching

  • Push Your Boundaries/ Stretch Your Comfort Zone

Currently, you have been a very tame designer, and just casually seeing what works and what the teachers will accept. Break some rules, ask other people, and utilize the people around you. Break a rule here and there in order to stand out among the rest. Make your mark.

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