This is a barstool design that I intended for industrial look and feel, but modern design and elegance. Although this is a scaled model that I did, the idea is the same and I may revisit it later to bring it into full size. 

I first started with some progression sketches. I knew I wanted a bartstool type furniture piece,  so I just started cranking out different ideas until I landed on the final design 

This was the final model that I made to scale I liked the idea of having the foot rest having a memory aspect to it, like it belonged somewhere else that it is. The foot rest has a cool peeling-out feature, and that was my favorite feature of this piece. The body was intended to be made of one bent piece of metal, and the footrest peeled out/fabricated and then welded on (the pole is just for the model’s stability and not a part of the final product) The seat has a bit of a counter for added comfort and security in the seat. The cushion is intended to be a brown leather for a timeless look and longevity. 

Next Projet??

Next Project??